Mountain Biking

The Dolomites boast scores of bike trails from winding single tracks to dirt roads which can be accessed by ski lifts during the summer. The Sellaronda is not only famous for skiing but also as a mountain bike route, whether you’re looking for downhill tracks or an enduro marathon day. Only 15 minutes down the road the Civetta ski range offers fantastic riding in the summer including a freeride park, hosting  and several long distance enduro and cross country events aswell as downhill races.

Gravel Riding

The new kid on the block, gravel riding is a mix of mountain biking, road riding and cyclocross. Wih highly capable “quiver of one” bikes, you can access easy off-road tracks and trails without having to drag the weight of serious mountain bike suspension on the roads. The Dolomites have hundreds of km of such tracks winding up through the forests on rough and poorly paved timber roads. So come and discover real adventure riding!

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