Val Pettorina at the foot of Marmolada is an undiscovered gem amongst the high peaks of the Veneto Dolomites. It’s wild in nature, surrounded by forests and steep peaks. The paths are small and usually steep, the climbing is obscure and most of the time you will be on your own. Wolves roam the hills here, along with deer, Ibex, Chamois and many other types of animals. We want you to experience that wild nature, as intensely as we do every time we venture up into the hills.

      #wildpettorina started off as a joke, “Find your way!” we said, “If you want crowds, don’t come here!” but slowly it dawned on us that these little sayings were the truth, that we were alone in this magnificent place to invent our adventures. Slowly over the years, we’ve discovered places to hike, ski, cycle, climb, relax and we’ve learned about the culture and folklore of the place.

      So now we want to build a community that wants to share in this place with us. Subscribe to our list and we will send you our latest ideas and bit by bit we will create the only resource you will need when you come to visit us!

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