Sass di Roccia, Laste

This is an absolutely world class crag, spread over several large freestanding towers. The rock is solid Marmolada Limestone – extremely compact but highly featured calcareous limestone. It is well served by a printed guide book detailed below. It is also home to a short via ferrata to a bivouac hut ontop of the main rock.

Directly opposite the extraordinary Northern walls of Civetta, the picturesque approach from Ronch is worth seeking out in its own right.

4a-4c – 2
5a-6a+ – 17
6b-7a – 50
7a+-8b+ – 121

North, West, East, South

Due to it’s nature, Sass di Roccia has shady and brightly lit areas according to the time of day, making it suitable for climbing all day long, and well into the autumn when cooler temperatures make for difficult conditions elsewhere.


Calcareous Limestone, generally extremely solid

Bolts of varying ages and types

Falesie e aree boulder dell’Agodino Dolomiti
La Rivolta
ISBN 978-88-907546-3-0

UKClimbing Logbooks

There are two places you can park, either in or around Davare, or ar Ronch. Both approaches are very short, 5min by foot. Start by driving to Digonera on the SP563, then just south of Digonera, turn off onto a road to Laste ignoring the turnoff to Laste di Sotto. Once you reach the main village, either turn left to Ronch or continue through the village towards Davare. The parking at Ronch is more limited so on a busy weekend, it’s best to go to Davare.

From Ronch take a small path northwards to reach the main crag. It climbs a wooded hillside steeply behind some old houses and barns to reach the crag within 5 minutes.

From Davare, continue up the wide motorable track until you see a footpath sign to Ronch. This easy path contours across the hill through woods to reach the other side of the crag within 5 minutes.

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